About Us

The ANAGEL brand and product range is a well known, established, trusted and a market leader in its field. Over the years the range has expanded and now includes Ultrasound Gel, Cosmetic Gel, Aloe Vera and Arnica Gel. As well as direct sales we supply the NHS, private clinics, medical and treatment centres as well as many beauty therapy salons and clinics. It also has unusual uses in the nautical, car industry as well as from time to time at veterinary clinics.

What is Ultrasound Gel?

Ultrasound gel is a water-based gel which is used to conduct ultrasound waves. There are many diagnostic and therapy techniques that use this from obstetric, physiotherapy, radiology and beauty. Ultrasound gel consistency is fairly thick which helps prevent it running off or dissipating to much when applied to the skin or the ultrasound transducer that is being used. It is usually cold to the touch however sometimes it can be warmed in gel warmers to prevent the cold sensation.

How does it work?

A generous sufficient amount is applied either to the ultrasound transducer or directly onto the patients skin that the transducer is going to come into contact with. Ultrasound waves do not travel well in the air so for good conduction of these waves with the least amount of absorption or distortion the Ultrasound gel is used. It can simply be wiped off at the end of the examination or treatment.

How does Cosmetic Gel Differ

Cosmetic gel is a more viscous (thicker consistency) version of the ANAGEL Ultrasound Gel. Some therapists for this reason prefer using it for their chosen therapy whether it be laser or IPL treatments. Arnica and Aloe Vera Gel These two gels have unique amazing properties going back to their natural origins. Both very different but equally as effective in their field of expertise. Use for repair, recovery and in the beauty category for these great gels.

Please see latest government guidelines regarding the use of ultrasound gel.